SEO checklist




1. Install google analytics to measure SEO success-

2. Install SEO yoast plugin on your word press website which helps to fix SEO problems
3. Verify your site/pages/posts on search console
4. Improve site performance and speed – take the help of page insights
install 3 important plugins to make your site mobile friendly, which helps to compress your images, deletes catche from your site data base etc.
• Better Delete Revision,
• WP Smush and
• W3 Total Cache [alternative: WP Super Cache].

5. Take google mobile friendly test.
6. find your customer by chasing quora, because people wont search for your website ,infact they search to solve their problems.
7. Keyword strategy:
head keyword:one word
body keyword: 2 words
long tail keyword: 3 or more than 3
8. Brainstorm your keyword ideas from Wikipedia for ideas and synonyms of topic.
Use these links to discover keywors Google Autocomplete, Ubersuggest & Keyword Shitter [all free].Discover untapped keywords and topics using Quora.
Note the keywords in excel sheet
9. Use google keyword planner, keyword anywhere and narrow down your keywords list based on your service and search volume
10. Now search for each keyword in google search and eliminate the high competitive keywords.

11. Use only one keyword per page
12. Meta title: within 55 characters with targeted keyword long tails use relevant keywords like :best”
13. Meta description : less than 160 characters with targeted keyword
14. Use targeted keyword in the permalink
15. Create images and post it & add alt txt
16. Use you keyword in H2/ H3 headings
17. Reduce bounce rate  make sure that your content is clear in first 100 words
18. Out bound links  2
19. In bound links  2 to 3 ( note: make sure that your links open in new tap when they click)
20. Longer content at least 300 words and 1500 words for more competitive keywords
21. Make sure your social sharing buttons are front and center of the page
22. Re check/ audit your website using seo audit tool
23. Link building strategy:
Create do follow natural links from the high ranking websites with high DA PA
Not all back links are created equal
To check competitors do follow back links

24.Analyze Your Competitor’s Backlinks, Rankings & Traffic. Using below website links and submit your quality content in the same websites
Check your competitors by searching your targeted keywords in the google search
Free tools for Back link checker links:

Backlink Tool / Links checker  gives the information about complete website
Paid tools:  to know website overview
• traffic
• demography
• in bond and out bond links.. etc.

To write robot text:
Helps to allow or disallow the particular URL’s
To remove the spammy back links : use the below link

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